Wednesday, 19 November 2014

떡돌이 died

떡돌이 died yesterday. That was the message Eunjin sent to me when I was on my way to Korean class.

I was really shocked because a few days ago Eunjin just sent me a video of a lively 떡돌이 with some tissue paper around him to keep him warm in the cold autumn. But now, suddenly he is gone. Eunjin must be much much more devastated. She went back home from Busan to bury 떡돌이.

떡돌이 has always been our happy fruit. Although I never met him before, I really like him because he is so cute. When I miss 떡돌이, Eunjin will record and send me videos of him and that always cheers me up.

떡돌이 got his name because according to Eunjin, he is just like a glutinous rice cake. Everytime Eunjin will joke about 떡돌이, saying he is a fat hamster and only knows "this person gives me food". Although 떡돌이 eats a lot, he exercises too using the wheel. He is chubby but lively at the same time.

떡돌이 is two years old. But Eunjin says a hamster life is short. But it was so sudden because 떡돌이 doesn't have any disease. He just gone like that. I want to see him when I go to Busan next year but it's impossible now T.T

I will miss you a lot 떡돌이.