Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Korea Trip 2015 Day 1: Hongdae

10 April 2015                                                                                                                             Friday

Touched down at Incheon Airport again at 4:45pm after 10 months. Similar scenes and recollected last year’s memories. However, this year’s trip is going to be different because I will be traveling alone and also meeting a few friends. I will be meeting Heejung, Haeun and Jinhwa at Seoul and Eunjin at Busan.

This trip schedule is Seoul (10th to 11th April), Busan (12th – 14th April) and Seoul (15th – 18th April). I will be staying at Mely’s friend’s, Eunjin’s house at Noksapyeong, Sooyoung’s place at Mora and Chloe’s HBC house at Haebangcheon. Because Eunjin needs to work, I could only check in to her house after 7:30pm. So after touching down on time at 4:45pm, I headed to Mely’s house to put my luggage and meet Heejung at Itaewon station. I would come back to Mely’s place at around 10pm to pick up my luggage and move over to Eunjin’s place. The weather by the way was breezy, slightly cold with a temperature of around 15 degrees. Very refreshing indeed!

Due to internet connection problems, it took awhile for me and Heejung to meet up because I could not connect to the internet and had to rely on roaming to text her. We finally met and headed to Hongdae to try Andong Jjimdalk. It was delicious, but a bit similar to Chinese black soysauce chicken. Heejung wanted to bring me to try a green tea dessert stall but it was closed down. So we went to a convenient store where Heejung recommended me lots of Korean snacks. She had already bought many snacks for me earlier!

By that time it was almost 10pm and Heejung asked me for Mely’s number. I gave her and she immediately picked up her phone and called Mely to tell her that we will be late. By the time I reached Mely’s place, it was already 10:45pm and Eunjin has been waiting there for almost 40 minutes. I felt really sorry for her. And we headed to her place immediately. We took a taxi there and it was uphill. Eunjin told me that I should use her room while she used the guestroom with no bed. Her house was new, clean and tidy.

I slept soundly that night and looking forward to next day’s cherry blossom schedule with Heejung. 

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